Afa Annfa : The Magical Hoop


Afa Annfa
The Magical Hoop

Public Open:
18 Dec 2021 - 17 Jan 2022 (11am - 6pm)

Venue :
JPS Gallery (Tokyo), 1-9-6 Jingumae,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-9-6


JPS Gallery is pleased to present The Magical Hoop, a solo exhibition of Afa Annfa, on view at the gallery’s location in Tokyo. This exhibition marks the artist’s long standing commitment with the gallery and presents a new series of paintings created as part of the artist’s ongoing contemplation of the current complex world and human interconnectedness.

Inspired by the hoops that stem from the Olympics five interlocking rings symbolising the connection of the five continents, a union of all, Afa explores the concepts of “distance”, “togetherness” and what “home” means to her and to us. She reimagines a world where gadgets from the Japanese manga series Doraemon exist in our reality. She believes that just like the characters in the story, we have the ability to bring us closer together by using the Pass Loop and Anywhere Door to reunite and embrace our loved ones.

Afa is torn by the idea that modern technology can bring people closer and further apart at the same time, depending on circumstances we find ourselves in. We have the great power to connect using a small gadget just in the palm of our hand, yet, it seems as though we continue to grow more distant. The ever-changing travel bans and restrictions keep us apart, while ironically, we are closer than ever to begin commercial flights launching into space. All this inspires her journey to reassess the physical and mental distance between human beings.

Reflecting upon the human inter-connectedness in the pandemic affected world, the gradually intensified space race and postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, and filtering through her personal experience, Afa raises a question of how it will affect us in the long run, a rhetorical question as she cannot foresee the future.

The Magical Hoop represents our connection with one another. The connection that brings us home to the people around us who shape our identity. It is our values and morals that connect us. Through the new body of work, Afa highlights the importance of emotional and physical connections, which are the two factors that will eventually have the power to bring us “home”.



Hong Kong | B.1983

Afa Annfa is one of the emerging stars in the local art scene. Her works probe the complexities of human emotions and our connection with one another, capturing tensions between the human psyche and worldly materials. 

Afa approaches painting with her visceral meditation and observation that evoke sentiments and feelings. Her practice recalls the style of Japanese Ukiyo-e and irregular comic, depicting figures that seem to be fictional in an atmospheric environment yet remain to be substantial and grounded.Through images adapted from popular culture, Afa creates narratives and a unique language to manifest her inner visions.

Afa was born in 1983 in Hong Kong. She earned a BA from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before becoming a full-time artist, she worked in one of the biggest advertising agencies in Hong Kong. She enjoyed a successful career as a commercial illustrator collaborating with international as well as local brands and musicians. In 2018, Afa was awarded the CreateSmart Young Design Talent Award from the DFA Hong Kong Design Talent Award. In 2020, Afa started to gain more momentum and recognition by participating in various charity auctions including The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition with Karen Leung Foundation at Phillips, and the HKAGA fundraiser event at Christie’s. 

李思汝(Afa Annfa)是香港藝術界後起之秀,她擅於刻畫人類複雜細膩的情感和人際關係,捕捉個體心靈與世俗物質之間的角力。


Afa生於一九八三年香港。她從香港理⼯⼤學畢業並獲得⽂學⼠學位。畢業後,她曾以商業插畫家的身份在大型廣告公司工作,合作品牌和對象囊括本土及國際品牌和音樂家。二零一八年,Afa榮獲DFA香港⻘年設計才俊獎的創意智優⻘年設計才俊獎。 二零二零年,Afa積極參與慈善拍賣,包括與梁愷昍婦癌基⾦會於富藝斯協辦的「普通不過…展覽」以及香港畫廊協會於佳⼠得舉辦的籌款活動,反映她在藝術市場上越來越受到認可。

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