Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009 : Space Time of Love


Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009
Space Time of Love

Public Open:
17 Jul - 22 Aug 2021 (11am - 6pm)

Venue :
JPS Gallery (Tokyo), 1-9-6 Jingumae,
Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-9-6


JPS Gallery and How2work are delighted to jointly present Space Time of Love, a solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009, on view at the gallery’s Tokyo location. The exhibition marks 009’s first-ever solo show in Japan, presenting a series of deeply intimate and emotionally charged new paintings and sculptures that were inspired by a recent personal incident.

Titled Space Time of Love, the exhibition presents a series of works which are a manifestation of the artist’s changing preoccupation and the state of his mind. Featuring the artist’s new character, astronaut Unio, 009 explores the philosophical doctrines of fatalism and the role of love in one’s fate through a literal “out of this world” perspective. The series incorporates his signature vivid colors, expressive brushwork and painterly dynamics around light, evoking a sense of lyricism and sensuousness while showing the artist’s belief in the transcendent power of love and how it possesses the ability to defy destiny.

The presented works are an intimate visual documentary of how the incident impacted the artist. It records his process of self-reflection and search for a resolution, resulting in one of the artist’s most personal body of work to date. As by the artist’s own account, “the exhibited works inherent part of my soul”, one with deep emotions and thoughts he wishes to share with his audience.


JACKIE LAM a.k.a. 009

Hong Kong | B.1979

009 engages in the dialogue between reality and fantasy in a distinct international style, exploring philosophy and psychology topics while making frequent reference to specific environments and locations.

The artist’s love for comics is not only reflected in his endearingly eccentric works but also in his artist name 009, which is a homage to the manga series Cyborg 009 by legendary manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori. He draws inspiration from Japanese manga, comics and European modernist movements, wielding these various methods to create emotionally saturated visuals that are manifested through his vivid and vibrant works. There is a unique warmth to his work that is endearing, relatable, yet reflective to many.

009 graduated from the First Institute of Art and Design and worked as a toy designer and theme park architect before beginning his artistic journey as an illustrator and cartoonist. In 2009, he published his first illustration book Drawin9 Life. Besides painting, 009 also produces art toys, including his most recent character, astronaut Unio, that were met with immense popularity across Asia.



009畢業於大一藝術設計學院,先後任職玩具設計師和主題樂園設計師,後來才成為全職插畫家和漫畫家。於二零零九年,他出版了第一本繪本《Drawin9 Life》。除了繪畫,009亦為筆下角色製作藝術玩具,例如小太空人Unio,甫登場便風靡亞洲。

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